ACHS Faculty Member Lisa Warman Receives Pearson Excellence in Higher Education Award

American College of Healthcare Sciences Faculty Member Lisa Warman Receives Pearson Excellence in Higher Education Award for Student Success Advocacy

Portland, OR, May 2, 2024 – American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) Associate Professor and Director of Peer Tutoring Lisa Warman was honored with a 2023 Pearson Excellence in Higher Education Award for Championing Student Success.  This award TBD…Faculty from American College of Healthcare Sciences, Clemson University, Montgomery College, Texas State University, and University of North Carolina were honored with this award for their contributions to promoting student success.  

Lisa Warman“To say I was surprised to receive the Pearson Excellence in Higher Education Award for Championing  Student Success is an understatement,” says Professor Warman. “As an educator, I believe it is my job to increase retention and drive student outcomes, so to be awarded for performing my job is surprising, rewarding, and inspiring. A student took the time to nominate me and their words propelled me from a selection pool into the final group of award winners. For their time and consideration, I am truly grateful.”

Under the leadership of Lisa Warman, the Peer Tutoring Center at ACHS has become a cornerstone of student support and academic excellence. As the Founding Director, Lisa has overseen the development of a robust virtual platform that mirrors the interactive nature of a Canvas course, providing students with seamless access to peer tutoring in critical areas such as English Composition, Clinical Case Studies, Research Writing, Nutrition, Aromatherapy, and Herbal Medicine. The Peer Tutoring Center works to ensure that all students have the opportunity to enhance their learning experience and academic skills in a supportive, engaging environment.

“Lisa Warman’s receipt of this Pearson Excellence in Higher Education Award is a source of great pride for ACHS. Her leadership at the Peer Tutoring Center has been transformative, fostering an environment where students thrive through collaborative learning and peer support. This award recognizes her tireless efforts and the significant impact she has made on our student community. Professor Warman’s dedication not only enhances our educational offerings but also exemplifies the core values of faculty at ACHS,” shares ACHS Chief Academic Officer Dr. Tiffany Rodriguez.

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