Energetic Modalities II: Homeopathy Online - NAT 204

Energetic Modalities II: Homeopathy Online
Integrative Health
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NAT 204

Homeopathy is treating illness with minute doses of remedies, which, when taken in larger doses by healthy people are capable of producing symptoms similar to the disease. It is based on the natural law of healing “Similia Similibus Curantur,” which means “like cures like”.

Two Greek words, Homois meaning "similar "and pathos meaning "suffering" are the source of the word homeopathy. The principle was understood as far back as 450 BC by Hippocrates, the Greek founder of medicine, and was further developed 1000 years later by Paracelsus, the Swiss alchemist. In the early 19th century, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) developed and gave Homeopathy the scientific and systematic system as it is practiced today. Homeopathy is readily accepted in Britain and India where it is recognized as part of the National System of Medicine. The scientific principles developed by Hahnemann are empirically effective and continue to be followed with success.

Learning Outcomes

Create and blend homeopathic ointments.
Prepare and use specific remedies for first aid, chronic conditions, and stress.
Explain the history and philosophy of homeopathy.
Prepare a homeopathic travel kit.
Adapt homeopathic remedies for pregnancy, breast-feeding, babies, and children.


Maximum Enrollment: 30 students

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    (Optional: Printed copy available for an additional $89)
  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR) - $115
  • NAT 204 Practical Lab Kit
  • Homeopathic Family Kit (a selection of 32 remedies in a 3 drawer case)

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