Department of Dynamic Phytotherapy

Department of Dynamic Phytotherapy

Dynamic phytotherapy (also called Homeobotanical therapy and the remedies abbreviated to Hbs) is a blended modality, a careful balance between herbalism and homeopathy that draws upon and combines the benefits of both fields. Developed in New Zealand, ACHS has exclusive rights to teach this exciting modality in the United States.

Dynamic phytotherapy has the power to enhance the healing abilities of even the most experienced natural health practitioner.

The Dynamic Phytotherapy Department at ACHS consists of primarily two programs: the certificate program, which trains those of you looking to add an exciting and effective modality to your natural health practice; and the professional Diploma program, which incorporates Herb 401 and is an ideal program for medical professionals who wish to integrate complementary alternative medicine into their current practice.

Whatever your goals, we hope to see you join our Department of Dynamic Phytotherapy.

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