Late Grading Policy

Late Grading Policy

ACHS has adopted a late grading policy that is used for all courses across the institution. 

Assignments submitted on the following schedule will receive points deductions as described below: 

How Late is the Assignment? Effect on Grade
Assignments submitted within one week of the deadline: 10% deduction from the maximum possible grade.
Assignments submitted one week after the deadline: 20% deduction from the maximum possible grade.


If you anticipate missing an assignment due date, you must contact your instructor in advance of the due date to avoid a late penalty.

Important Note About Participation Points

If your course includes participation points for responding on the discussion board, you must post your meaningful response to another student for the week's discussion by 11:59 pm on the due date to earn the participation points. If you post your response after the due date, then you will not receive participation points.