ACHS Staff

Chris Foss, BA, PhD

Assistant Professor

Undergraduate courses taught: HIST 201

Dr. Chris Foss is a historian of the 20th century U.S., specializing in Pacific Northwest, political, and foreign relations history. Since 2014 Dr. Foss has taught U.S. and world history at various universities, including the University of Colorado-Boulder, Willamette University, Tokyo International University of America, University of Portland, and Washington State University-Vancouver. In 2020 Oregon State University Press published his first book, Facing the World: Defense Spending and International Trade In the Pacific Northwest Since World War II. Dr. Foss has also published articles and book reviews for various academic and non-academic journals and encyclopedias; his work is perhaps most easily accessible via the award-winning Oregon Encyclopedia. He is currently working on a manuscript about the life and career of Oregon Congresswoman Edith Green. When he’s not researching or teaching, Dr. Foss enjoys playing with his young son, watching classic movies, going to the beach, and taking long walks on the Portland area’s scenic nature trails.