ACHS Staff

Natalya Shepeleva, MS


GMP and Quality Assurance Coordinator

Natalya Shepeleva received her Master’s degree in Industrial Pharmaceutics from the National University of Pharmacy of Ukraine. After graduation, she worked in the pharmaceutical manufacturing field in Moscow, Russia, where she developed a new drug, created documentation, and managed quality control. Natalya immigrated to the U.S. in 2001, and has worked in the nutraceutical industry specializing in quality control, assurance, and GMP compliance.

In her personal time, Natalya enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, exploring beautiful nature parks in Portland, and traveling to new places. Every few years, Natalya and her family make the journey to visit her parents and family in Ukraine, where her children have the opportunity to observe a different culture.

Natalya maintains a healthy, natural approach to diet, and encourages others to do the same as she firmly believes in a holistic, natural way of life. She is elated to work at ACHS and eager to start developing greater knowledge in new skills and new technologies.