ACHS Green Campus

Sustainable Values Lived Holistically

At the American College of Healthcare Sciences, we practice what we teach. No matter where we are in the world you will always find our Founding President Dorene Petersen, our VP of Institutional Strategy & Global Impact Kate Harmon, or one of our ACHS family cleaning up plastics out of the oceans, planting deforested native botanicals or helping to teach women in Nepal grow crops to distill and sell in the essential oil markets internationally.

As part of our ongoing mission to make the world a better place, the American College of Healthcare Sciences and Apothecary Shoppe College Store continually strives to reduce its environmental footprint, follow a holistic philosophy that is core to our mission, and maintain a commitment to green practices.

As a virtual campus, ACHS is inherently environmentally friendly. Our “campus” saves in facility overhead, transportation, water and energy use, and waste production, to name just a few benefits.

Additionally, all of our programs—Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees—prioritize holistic living and education about environmentally responsible practices. Our curriculum, faculty, and staff continually strive to share expertise and resources that empower our students and graduates to make environmentally responsible decisions personally and professionally.

Sustainability Initiatives

  1. ACHS printed textbooks are printed on paper stocks that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Rainforest Alliance certified. This means the production of the paper used in ACHS textbooks passes a high level of scrutiny from multiple independent organizations devoted to responsible sourcing. ACHS’s textbook publisher also recycles 100% of the byproduct from paper processing and printer waste including toner, toner cartridges, and parts.
  2. Partnering with Energy Trust of Oregon to assure best practices in lighting, mechanical and plumbing plans, and overall sustainable construction practices where possible during the renovation of its new administrative offices in Johns Landing. 
  3. Named #1 to Oregon Business magazine’s 2023 list of 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon (#4 in 2022, #8 in 2021, #5 in 2020, #3 in 2019, #5 in 2018, #2 in 2017, #6 in 2016).
  4. Employing environmentally friendly construction practices in all our improvement projects, including using an all-natural earth plaster (non-toxic clay) rather than standard drywall to extend existing walls.
  5. Achieving Oregon Tilth Certified Organic status for the organic products sold in the Apothecary Shoppe College Store and used in ACHS’s student lab materials in 2010 and every year since.
  6. Achieving the Gold Seal of Approval from Green America’s Green Business Network, America’s oldest network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses, in 2009 and every year since.
  7. Providing students with green options for course materials, including eTextbooks. The ACHS Green Option helps eliminate paper waste by allowing students to opt out of printed course materials and opt in to fully searchable digital materials, when available.
  8. Sourcing 100% of our energy for the Portland, Oregon campus from renewable sources within our area—including wind, geothermal, and solar power—and pledging to the PGE Save More, Matter More campaign. In addition, ACHS’s administrative offices use occupancy sensors to ensure lights are turned off when a room is not in use.
  9. Participating in the Portland Composts! program through the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, which allows us to compost food items and plant material from the ACHS Botanical Teaching Garden.
  10. Using a rain barrel system to collect and harvest rainwater for the ACHS Botanical Teaching Garden.
  11. Awarded Gold Certification by City of Portland Green Business Directory.

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