Alumni Highlight – Kristyn Cook of Sacred Oak Apothecary


Kristyn Cook is a Master of Science in Herbal Medicine graduate who took the initiative to open her apothecary, Sacred Oak Apothecary LLC, in 2021. She started with local farmer’s markets to introduce her products and now has a thriving presence online, working with Naturopathic Doctors and supporting herbal businesses across the nation.

Discovering Holistic Health

Kristyn first became interested in the holistic approach to health when she was in high school, attending weight training classes and becoming passionate about health and wellness. From there, she became a personal trainer and went on to get a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition degree. Following her undergraduate degree, Kristyn enrolled in Bastyr University’s Naturopathic Doctor program. While attending, she fell in love with her herb classes, even making a salve that she sells today because of its success. “I created a product for eczema which was personal for me, and it worked, so I decided I wanted to share it with anyone else who has suffered from this,” Kristyn shares. Once she discovered her passion for herbs and making products, she decided that the best path would be to open a business to help others. 

Choosing ACHS

After discovering her interest in nutrition and knowing she no longer wanted to go down the path to become an ND, Kristyn researched many different schools before choosing ACHS. “What attracted me most to ACHS was that I did not have to move, and with the support of my fiance, I decided to get started,” she says. Kristyn also shared that ACHS was her favorite school experience out of all of her educational experiences. And she said, “ACHS knows what they are doing in the integrative health field not only with the education you provide, but you also have amazing professors.” She encouraged not only current students but graduates to “Keep learning, keep trying, keep digging, don’t give up!” She feels it is important to pay attention to the education you are getting and “listen to the plants,” as we all know, your learning journey will never be over.

Sacred Oak Apothecary LLC 

Within her business, Sacred Oak Apothecary LLC, Kristyn not only offers her natural, handmade products, but she also works individually with her customers to create custom products just for you. She understands that everybody is unique, and therefore depending on your needs, she will use her professional knowledge to provide you with what is best. She emphasized that she loves to be creative but in a structural way. She gets to do what she wants and loves to help people; it’s is her favorite part of her job!\

In addition to her apothecary, Kristyn sells her products on Etsy and is also a Level I and Level II Certified Rubimed Therapist. She is very passionate about supporting people in many ways to achieve overall health and wellness. 

If you are interested in Kristyn’s apothecary, visit her website and make sure to follow along with her on social media.

By Amy Swinehart, Director of Alumni and Career Services


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