Top 11 Reasons to Love Online School

I love online education! But you can probably guess that I’m a little biased: I help run a mostly online College, sit on committees about online education, give talks about online education technology, and telecommute! However, you might not know that my 10-year-old daughter has been enrolled in online public school this year. It’s been […]

ACHS Welcomes New Graduates to National Chapter of DET Honor Society

American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) announces four new members to its national chapter of the Delta Epsilon Tau (DET) Honor Society. Kudos and Congratulations go to: •    Priscilla Andrews, Master Aromatherapist & Certified Iridology Consultant, Floyd, NM •    Wendy Gattinella, Certified Aromatherapist, Kingston, NH •    Shannon Nerren, Certified Wellness Coach, Nacogdoches, TX •    Charlene […]