What’s So Healthy About the Mediterranean Diet?

Why did the chef add more oregano to the sauce? He was making up for lost thyme…. Okay, okay, I know. But, as I settle into my kitchen to prepare my favorite dish, I can’t help but feel playful and elated. This is a dish I could literally eat every day: chicken breast sautéed in […]

Help! How Do I Choose a More Holistic Diet?

We know holistic nutrition is important. Maybe you’re looking for ideas to help improve the way you eat. But, with so much advice on the Internet about how to improve nutrition, how do you decide what is right for you? For example, maybe you’ve vowed to give up dairy or to grow your own garden but […]

Holistic Nutrition for Busy People

According to the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal, getting healthy could be as easy as seven minutes a day! Curious how? Keep reading to learn more…

Spring Clean Your Body: A Basic Introduction to Fasting

We spring clean our house, but how often do we spring clean our body? Fasting–or abstaining from solid foods for a time–assists the body to cleanse. By eliminating food, the enormous energy required to digest food is released and put to the task of spring-cleaning the body. The liver and entire digestive system is given […]