A Healthy Winter Comes From Within

A Healthy Winter Comes From Within

Written by Lindsay Little for the American College of Healthcare Sciences As winter, and the flu season, quickly approach, the question on many people’s minds is, “How do I stay healthy?” Well, the simple answer to that is to have a well-functioning immune system. But that’s a little vague. Let’s dig a little deeper and […]

4 Healthy Immune System Habits

Image copyright: Pexels.com We have all heard a lot about our immune system lately. We are encouraged to boost it and support it as if it is as easy as getting fitted for a new bra. Reality check – it’s not as easy and quick as a new underwire bra. All is not lost. Acquiring […]

Nutrients and Immunity: Food as Fuel

Copyright: 123rf stock photo Putting the wrong gasoline in a vehicle is a lot like putting the wrong food in your body. Using lower octane fuel in a car that calls for premium can cause some serious internal damage to the engine long term and in the short-term can cause “spark knock”– a high-pitched pinging […]