Study Abroad: What is Ayurvedic Medicine Like in India?

Last April, ACHS President Dorene Petersen and I traveled to the beautiful country of India. One of the highlights of my trip was Prajna Kuteera, a center for Ayurveda and yoga outside of Mysore. As we drove through the crowds and dry, dusty heat, there was nothing around. We were in the very outskirts of […]

India Study Abroad: What Handmade Products are Made in India?

As we traveled from city to city, experiencing the nuances of each new village through the window of the car, I was struck by the disparity between how I usually spend my days and how many in India spend theirs. There is a basic level of living here, one that many of us in the […]

Traveling to Marayoor Sandalwood Forest in India

We settle into giddy, tense bursts of laughter as our driver, Thomas, slowly traverses the 27 hairpin turns leading into Munnar. We make jokes about being saved from Bengal Tigers as the next curve reveals a thick banyan tree with roots strong enough for Tarzan to swing from. Next turn, a bus shimmies forward and […]

Black Pepper Oil in Southern India

As our bus bumped along on the upward journey to the mountain village of Meenar on our way to where the last, largest remaining sandalwood forest is managed by the Kerala Forest Department, I was thrilled to spot what looked like black pepper clambering and twining over palms and other trees.