An afternoon at Canyon Ranch Spa

What Happens at the Spa… An afternoon at Canyon Ranch Spa at the Palazzo in Las Vegas is filled with Eucalyptus & An interview with ACHS Spa Department Chair Shawn Hallum  By Guest Blogger: Shelly West We all think of vegas as a party town, but it is also an amazing destination for a spa getaway! […]

Stay Hydrated this Summer

The Low-Down on How to Stay Hydrated this Summer  Image Copyright: Kaizen Nguyễn / Unsplash When researching how to stay hydrated, you’ve likely received conflicting information. For this blog post, I looked to the Natural Hydration Council (NHC), a nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to research and communicate the facts about hydrating your body, […]

How to Make Homemade Lavender Lemonade and Lavender-Infused Water

We love making our own fresh-from-the-garden libations! They’re easy to make, refreshing (especially in the summer), delicious, and a great alternative to sugary drinks! Herbal-infused spa water is one of our favorites, like a combination of cucumber, lemon, and organic mint (orange and organic strawberries taste great, too).  But if you like more flavor, herbal […]