Student Highlight: Kari Doherty

Kari Doherty Student Highlight

Yoga studio owner Kari Doherty incorporates aromatherapy into her classes as she works toward her Master of Science in Aromatherapy at ACHS.

Student Highlight: Jennifer Langsdale

Jennifer Langsdale Student Highlight

Jennifer Langsdale has been practicing yoga for twenty years and teaching it for fifteen. She is currently part way through her Master of Science in Aromatherapy at ACHS and has already started to incorporate aromatherapy into classes at her yoga studio, Awaken Yoga. Jennifer says that she never imagined that she would end up teaching […]

“Spread the Health” for Mental Health Awareness Month

Image Copyright: dimaberkut / 123RF Stock Photo How to “Spread the Health” in May for Mental Health Awareness Month For many of us, mental health often takes a backseat in our pursuit of holistic health. Yet, we must remember the term holistic health refers to caring for the whole person: body + mind + spirit. […]

Aromatherapy + Yoga: For Mind, Body, Spirit

By Oleg Maksimov & Lauren Shapiro Aromatherapy and yoga are both ancient healing practices focused on physical, mental, and spiritual health. They have developed in close connection for thousand years, and historically have been used in tandem to support the body, clear the mind, and lift the spirit. But you don’t have to be a […]

How to Create a Morning Ritual You’ll Stick With

Until recently I thought of myself as a person who didn’t like routine. As a writer, I wrote when the mood struck or when there was a pressing need to write. I thought that because I was a person who liked variety and a change of pace, a morning ritual wasn’t for me. I had […]

Wellness on the Rise: 3 Holistic Practices Sweeping Modern Healthcare

For years, complementary medicine has taken heat from the allopathic medicine world. Cutting terms like “quack” and “witch doctor” have been thrown around brutally, but the stigma is finally beginning to shake off. With more data showing the benefits of holistic healthcare, more patients are turning to alternative treatments. I recently read an interesting article […]

2013 DETC Outstanding Graduate of the Year Tracey Robbins

We are pleased to announce that ACHS graduate Tracey Robbins has been selected as the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) 2013 Outstanding Graduate. Honorees are selected for their academic record and the level and quality of their contribution to society and their chosen profession(s).