Famous ACHS Alumni 2007 Dr. Mark Dykowski, OBGYN

Dr. Mark Dykowski, OBGYN

“The greatest thrill though has been the look on patient’s faces as they describe a supplement or herb they are using and they are shocked to know that their provider not only has heard about it, but can actually educate them about the product! This small door of insight often opens the door to greater patient comfort in discussing other areas of health concern or therapy. Trust blinds doubt,” says Dykowski.

Dr. Mark Dykowski is an allopathic physician and OBGYN in Michigan. He graduated with Honors from the ACHS Master Herbalist program in February 2006. Dr. Dykowski developed a personal interest in complementary and alternative medicine as a way of meeting his patients’ and family’s health and wellness needs and found the ACHS Master Herbalist course to give him training to incorporate an integrative approach to his practice of medicine and to promote health and wellness with his patients.

Dr. Dykowski has been listed as one of his area’s “Top Doctors” in the October 2006 issue of  Metropolitan Detroit’s HOUR Magazine.  He has been asked to speak at a women’s health day on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and to his hospital’s Ovarian and Breast Cancer Survivors groups. The local TV doctor has also asked his advice on stories relating to the use of herbal therapies.