Nominate 2013 Outstanding Grad and Famous Alum

As an ACHS Graduate, you have the opportunity to nominate yourself for this honor, or nominate a fellow student or graduate if you know someone who meets our selection criteria. In addition to the prestige of earning this nomination, the ACHS Outstanding Graduate and Famous Alumni will represent the College at the annual DETC Conference in April 2013 and will serve as an ambassador for the College.

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate your achievements!

If you would like to be considered as the ACHS 2013 Outstanding Graduate or Famous Alumni, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Review the selection criteria below and submit a short essay describing how you meet the criteria:

Outstanding Graduate Criteria:

  • Why did you initially enroll in the program you completed?
  • Is your success related to the program you completed?
  • Have you contributed to your chosen field? If so, how?
  • Have you shared with or served the public using the skills and knowledge you’ve learned from your course? If so, how?

Famous Alumni Criteria:

  •  Why are you famous? What have you achieved that is worthy of note?
  •  Is your success related to the program you completed and how?

Step 2: Create a short (one minute) video that includes:

  • Your name, city and state
  • Program you’ve completed
  • How your studies have changed your life and helped others

Step 3: Submit your video to YouTube online using the following instructions:

To enter you must first register with YouTube if you do not already have an account; YouTube registration is free. Once you have completed the registration process and have created your video, upload it to your YouTube account, marking it as PUBLIC. You will then need to advise ACHS by email at so your video may be published on the ACHS YouTube Channel. Your use of the website is subject to the Terms of Use governing that site.

We look forward to receiving your nomination!