ACHS Recognizes Exceptional Faculty Members with 2023 Awards

Portland, OR – August 21, 2023 – The American College of Health Sciences (ACHS) is proud to announce the recipients of its prestigious 2023 faculty awards. Each year, the ACHS community comes together to honor outstanding faculty members who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, commitment, and innovation in their roles. This year, five distinguished educators stand out for their remarkable contributions to the academic community.


The Distinguished Teaching Award, a testament to the educators who go above and beyond in the classroom, has been awarded to Dr. Jacqui McGrath. Dr. McGrath has been with ACHS since 2017 and continually elevates the educational experience within ACHS. Currently serving as an instructor for herbal medicine and integrative health courses, Dr. McGrath’s impact extends far beyond the classroom walls. A student’s testimonial underscores her exemplary teaching style: “Professor McGrath is by far my favorite professor at ACHS. She always goes above and beyond to support students. Professor McGrath is always available and takes time for her students. She is engaging and interactive, kind, genuine, and encouraging. She is meant to teach!” Congratulations to Dr. McGrath for this well-deserved recognition.


Another exceptional educator who has been recognized with the Distinguished Teaching Award is Lisa Warman. Having been a valued member of the ACHS faculty since 2018, Lisa is known for her dedication to teaching English and for her pivotal role as the founding Director of the Peer Tutoring Center. A student’s praise speaks volumes about Lisa’s teaching prowess: “Professor Warman was an incredible teacher when I took ENG 101 and 201. She encouraged all her students to do their best, gave advice, constructive criticism, thorough feedback, and answered all our questions when needed. She has a light that not many individuals possess. Professor Warman goes above and beyond to ensure her students are understanding the materials and assignments.” Congratulations to Lisa Warman for this outstanding achievement.


In recognition of her exceptional contributions to ACHS both within and outside the classroom, Dr. Lori Holdren has been honored with the Distinguished Faculty Award. Dr. Holdren, who has been a part of the ACHS family since 2018, imparts her knowledge in subjects such as Math and Research, while also serving as the esteemed Dean of General Education. A student’s heartfelt testimonial highlights Dr. Holdren’s remarkable qualities: “Lori is amazing! She inspires her students to think outside the box when it comes to mathematics, she is a tremendous support and has a fantastic ‘can-do’ attitude, and she is an all-around pleasure to learn from.” Congratulations to Dr. Lori Holdren for her remarkable achievement.


Rising Star Award – Acknowledging emerging talents, the Rising Star Award applauds two promising first-year faculty members who exemplify excellence in student support. The inaugural Rising Star Award recipients are Dr. Toumik Asatorrian and Dr. Jimmy Godard.


Dr. Toumik Asatorrian, who commenced his journey with ACHS in 2022, shares his expertise through research and philosophy courses. A student testimonial speaks to his dedication: “You can see Professor Asatorian’s passion for teaching in his Zoom sessions. He takes the time to get to know his students and provides helpful feedback. He has helped his students tremendously and he makes learning fun.”


Dr. Jimmy Goddard, also joining ACHS in 2022, imparts his knowledge through business and entrepreneurship courses. A student expresses appreciation for his engagement: “You can tell that Professor Goddard takes the time to read every assignment and discussion in its entirety. He always offers positive feedback and engages in dialogue with students to offer more insight, which I really appreciate. His feedback is very encouraging and he helps me strive to learn more.”


Dr. Tiffany Rodriguez, Chief Academic Officer at ACHS, had this message about the faculty award recipients: “My sincere congratulations go out to each of the exceptional faculty members recognized with these prestigious awards. Their unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation in teaching, and commitment to student success truly embody the spirit of academic excellence we strive for at the American College of Health Sciences. Through their passion and tireless efforts, they continue to inspire both their colleagues and the students they serve. As Chief Academic Officer, I am proud to witness the positive impact they make on our institution and the field of education as a whole.” 


The ACHS community extends its warmest congratulations to all award recipients for their remarkable contributions to education. Their dedication, passion, and commitment continue to inspire and elevate the ACHS experience for students and colleagues alike.


About ACHS:

The American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS), located in Portland, Oregon, is an accredited college specializing in online holistic health education. Founded in 1978, ACHS offers a range of certificate, diploma, and degree programs in complementary alternative medicine disciplines. ACHS is dedicated to providing exceptional online education based on evidence-based research, with an emphasis on sustainability and global stewardship.


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