Exam Proctoring Requirements

Exam Proctoring Requirements

Degree candidates are required to complete proctored exams in regular intervals throughout their program, and designated ACHS courses require a proctor for all students to ensure that the student who earns credit is the same student that enrolled in the institution.

Proctored exams may be taken with an:

  • Online proctor, online exam (with ProctorU)
  • In-person proctor, online exam

During a proctored exam, a proctor will log the student into the online exam, ensure the student has no study materials during the exam, supervise the student throughout the exam, and end the exam at the end of the allowed time. Please note that no breaks are permitted during proctored exams, so students should plan accordingly.

While designated courses require a proctored exam, overall, it is the student’s responsibility to plan these proctored exams. If a student does not plan their proctored exams in accordance with this policy, they will be required to retake the appropriate number of proctored final exams at their own expense in order to graduate. More information on our proctoring policy and how to choose a proctor is below.

Proctored exams can be online, using ACHS’s ProctorU online service for a small fee (view fee information online at https://www.achs.edu/other-fees) or with a nominated proctor. If not using the College’s ProctorU service, we will email the exam password to the proctor on the day of the exam. There is also an option to take a paper exam with the nominated proctor. In this case, we will send a printed copy of the final exam directly to the proctor.

The final exam is closed book and students have three hours to complete it. Exam structure varies for each course but may include multiple-choice questions, questions requiring short answers, questions requiring longer, paragraph-length answers, essay questions, and/or case studies.

Student Instructions for Nominating a Proctor

For students using the ProctorU service, the proctor will be assigned for them, and they may take the exam from home or wherever they have Internet access. Students can set up an account and schedule exams directly from the online classroom. In the online classroom, click on ProctorU in the left-hand navigation menu and follow the prompts to set up an account and/or schedule an exam.

For students that are not able to use the ProctorU service, they may nominate an in-person proctor who will oversee the final exam taken at a library, workplace, or other suitable testing environment.

1. Select a suitable proctor. A proctor can be anyone who has, in his or her profession, agreed to uphold a standard or code of ethics. Such professions could include, but are not limited to: a justice of the peace, notary public, member of the clergy, lawyer, doctor, or nurse. Other suitable proctors may include a licensed massage therapist, librarian, teacher, high school or college administrator, faculty member, guidance counselor, or military test control officer.

Note a proctor cannot be a fellow student, roommate, fiancé, immediate supervisor, family member related by blood or marriage, or other acquaintance with whom a conflict of interest exists.

2. Send the proctor the following form to complete (preferably at least two weeks before the scheduled exam date) to ensure the proctor will receive the exam information in time: https://contact.achs.edu/achs-proctor-nomination-form.

Students should contact the College for clarification if they are not clear about the proctor process or if they have questions about their proposed proctor.

Exam Day Procedures

The exam password will be sent to the approved proctor or provided to the ProctorU proctor as applicable.

Exam proctors must ensure that students have no materials with them other than blank paper and must confirm a student’s identity against a government-issued photo identification. Proctors will then enter the exam password to log the student into the exam. Proctors will close the exam exactly three hours later. Proctor will also ensure that students do not take any breaks during the exam.

Upon completion of the exam, the proctor will return a Student Identity Verification form, provided directly to the proctor by ACHS Student Services, to verify the identity and integrity of the exam.

Examination papers that do not comply with these requirements will be void.

What to Bring to the Exam

Students may bring blank paper and a writing utensil to the exam. Students may not take any notes, course materials, or assessment materials into the exam.

Verification of Student Identity

ACHS proctoring procedures require the proctor to verify student identity in-person through inspection of the student’s government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, state ID card, or passport. This verification is conducted on the exam day. This verification is completed online using a webcam when testing with the College’s ProctorU service.