Doctor Focuses on Healing Through Spa Management

In anticipation of her 30th anniversary providing chiropractic care in New York, Hawaii, and Florida, Dr. Deborah Leible, made a thoughtfully conscious decision to move from healthcare to the spa setting. “In this way, I could continue to facilitate the goal of health, healing and wholeness working with others in an environment that allows for […]

How to Spa Like a Pro

Unless you are a spa connoisseur, knowing how to conduct yourself or what to expect from your spa experience might be a bit of a mystery. I love a good day at the spa, but I must admit, I am hardly an expert and don’t frequent spas nearly enough, but I have discovered, that each […]

An afternoon at Canyon Ranch Spa

What Happens at the Spa… An afternoon at Canyon Ranch Spa at the Palazzo in Las Vegas is filled with Eucalyptus & An interview with ACHS Spa Department Chair Shawn Hallum  By Guest Blogger: Shelly West We all think of vegas as a party town, but it is also an amazing destination for a spa getaway! […]

How to Get Over the Stigma of Sales in the Spa Industry

How to Get Over the Stigma of Sales in the Spa Industry As a spa professional, I’m passionate about sharing tools, tips, and techniques that help my clients live healthier and more fulfilling lives. My goal is to use the short time we spend together (usually just a few hours) to educate and inspire positive lifestyle […]

7 Spa Management Resources You Need to Know

7 Spa Management Resources You Need to Know Do you consider yourself a spa specialist? Or maybe you want to open up your own spa one day? Investing your time in managing a spa takes customer services skills, ethical business practices, and knowledge of aromatherapy so you can provide basic knowledge of essential oils. There’s […]

How to Wow Your Spa Clients As Soon As They Walk In the Door

Every business wants to make their clients their #1 priority, and many are willing to go above and beyond to do so. But, if you’re still working on making this shift (and you’re in good company!), you may be wondering, What’s the first step? It’s simple: when you are a spa manager or spa attendant, […]

6 Common Misconceptions About Becoming a Certified Spa Manager

Who doesn’t love the spa? But have you ever wondered how you go about getting a job in one? Or maybe you’re already working in a spa as a massage therapist or esthetician and thinking about making the next step in the spa career track. We’re so excited about our new Holistic Spa Management courses, […]

Why We Want to Work at These 6 Spa Venues (and You Will Too!)

By Lauren Shapiro & Renee Long It’s easy to fall into habits. We all do it sometimes. We rely on the familiar. And, that can serve us in many situations, but maybe not when we’re trying to shift direction in life. When you want to grow and try something new, you have to look past […]

Communicate the Benefits of Spa Services to Clients

Communicating with clients is an important part of a spa professional’s job. Clients are bombarded with misinformation on television, in magazines, and on the internet about products and treatments. But, today’s clients are savvy researchers, too. They research treatments and products on the internet they are interested in, but do not always get enough information […]

3 Tips on Financial Success for Holistic Spa Professionals

If you’re a spa professional, most likely you’ve entered the industry with a passion to help people to be their best. But to nurture your own wellbeing, it’s important to keep your financial wellness in mind as well. As a spa director, I’ve learned a few strategies for keeping financially sharp in the spa business. […]