7 Spa Management Resources You Need to Know


7 Spa Management Resources You Need to Know

Do you consider yourself a spa specialist? Or maybe you want to open up your own spa one day? Investing your time in managing a spa takes customer services skills, ethical business practices, and knowledge of aromatherapy so you can provide basic knowledge of essential oils. There’s so much to learn! If you’re interested in one day managing your own spa, or just want to learn about spa management practices, I’ve got seven great resources for you.

Now, sit back, take a deep breath, and relax while you dive into these great sources for spa managers and professionals.

Spa Business Magazine

Spa Business Magazine is a spa business resource dedicated to providing in-depth interviews and features on the wellness and global spa industry[1]. This resource has features on medical spas, a section on products, and even a column dedicated to the latest jobs in the spa business profession. Check out one of their news articles “Five-star holistic spa debuts in the Maldives” by Rebecca Barnes.

Massage Magazine

Massage Magazine has been the go-to periodical for massage therapists and spa managers since 1985. Their mission “supports massage therapists and students with the information and products you need to succeed over the lifetime of your career.” From liability insurance to foot message techniques to Reiki, Massage Magazine covers all topics concerning body-workers and spa managers.  Check out this article by Kathy Ginn, LMT on creating an atmosphere of trust and safety in your spa session rooms.

American Spa Magazine

American Spa Magazine is a spa business/spa management magazine. This is a resource that is dedicated to assisting spa professionals—or those interested in becoming a spa professional—better their businesses[2]. This free digital resource (also available for purchase in print) is sub-categorized into topics such as Health & Wellness, General Treatments, Skincare, Medical Spa, and more! For instance, here is a rejuvenating post on the wellness benefits of hot springs: “Check out the Wellness Benefits of Hot Springs by Heather Miksell. This is a magazine you won’t want to put down.

Wellness Evidence: Massage [Database]

Wellness Evidence is a research-focused resource. Different from the other resources I mentioned above, this resource is described as “the world’s first portal designed to help people explore medical evidence for the most common wellness therapies”[3]

This resource is available for those who are medical professionals seeking courses of treatment, those seeking preventative or alternative health approaches, and corporate wellness professionals designing employee programs[4]. Specific modality portals, such as the Massage portal, are super useful spa managers.

Spa Management Books

For those more interested in reading books about spa management, here is a list of books that might spark your interest:

If you need help researching additional spa management resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at librarian@achs.edu.

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