Stress Support Strategies for Relaxation

Today is National Relaxation Day! In honor of this we are making customized aromatherapy inhalers for all of our team in the office, and taking a moment to consider some relaxation strategies for optimal wellness.

10 Easy Relaxation Techniques

I’m running late. I’ve spilled coffee on my white blouse. My phone is buzzing with emails and ringing off the hook. I’m too late to grab a bite of breakfast because, of course, I’ve left mine on the counter at home. Finally, I get to work, but I’m already frazzled after my crazy morning. And…it’s […]

7 Strategies for Student SUCCESS

It’s a new year, which means new opportunities to learn and grow as students and holistic health professionals. How exciting! Before your spring schedule fills with to-do lists, I want to take a moment to chat with you about how to succeed.