How to Research Wellness Careers While Still in School | ACHS

How to Research Wellness Careers While Still in School Image Copyright: rawpixel / 123RF Stock Photo Depending on your preferences, the number of options available to you for careers in natural health and wellness seems limitless. Don’t lose hope of finding your niche! With a few, simple steps, you can find careers in natural health […]

How To Hack Your Study Schedule With Productivity Apps

How To Hack Your Study Schedule With Productivity Apps Image Copyright: William Iven / Unsplash Every day, you have many things, large and small, that you’d like to accomplish. Adding school to your eventful life increases the need for an effective time management strategy. At ACHS, we recommend setting aside about nine hours per week […]

4 Easy Ways to Save Money as an Online Student

Save Money as an Online Student Using These 4 Easy Tips Image Copyright: Nattapol Sritongcom / 123RF Stock Photo Going to college online can provide many benefits that reduce overall educational costs. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t stretch your dollar and reduce your financial burden even further by following a few easy-to-implement tips. It’s […]

7 More Wellness Books to Read This Fall | ACHS

7 More Wellness Books to Read This Fall When the weather turns and the leaves start to fall, we tend to stay indoors. Movies can be a blessing. Board games are a blast with kids of all ages. But, books are my favorite. Not only can I learn something new from the cozy comfort of […]

3 Tips on Financial Success for Holistic Spa Professionals

If you’re a spa professional, most likely you’ve entered the industry with a passion to help people to be their best. But to nurture your own wellbeing, it’s important to keep your financial wellness in mind as well. As a spa director, I’ve learned a few strategies for keeping financially sharp in the spa business. […]

5 Foolproof Ways to Fail Finals Week

By Melissa Trujillo and Renee Long Final exams can leave students with conflicted emotions. They signal the finish line of a class, but finals week is also a rigorous, sometimes stressful part of the student journey. Finals week is nearly here at ACHS. Do you feel prepared? We work with students every day and hear […]

From Mindful to Light: 16 Words to Shape 2015

I am not one to rely on grandiose plans. Or rather, I should say, I prefer action and deliverables to big ideas that only remain, well… ideas. That is why I was so inspired when I saw a fascinating Listly by Kelly McCausey. Every year, Kelly encourages writers to choose a word to shape their […]

7 Strategies for Student SUCCESS

It’s a new year, which means new opportunities to learn and grow as students and holistic health professionals. How exciting! Before your spring schedule fills with to-do lists, I want to take a moment to chat with you about how to succeed.