PSY 101

Introduction to Psychology Online



Getting results as a holistic health practitioner is what it is all about, and understanding the whole person—physical, psychological and spiritual, is essential to achieve lasting wellness. PSY 101 introduces human behavior. It includes the study of the theories and concepts of psychology, including the scope of psychology, biological foundations and the brain, sensation, perception, motivation, personality, learning/memory, emotion, states of consciousness, personality theories, cognition, life-span development, and applied psychology.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the field of psychology in terms of history, key perspectives and issues, current trends, scientific and research methods.

  • Explain the anatomical structures and physiological functions related to psychology.

  • Explain sensation, perception, heredity and genetics.

  • Analyze the underlying principles, and basis of the psychology behind learning, memory and experience.

  • Explain cognitive abilities and intelligence from a psychological perspective.

  • Explain the different phases and stages in human development.

  • Explain the different motivation theories and the psychological basis of emotions.

  • Explain psychoanalytic approaches and humanistic theories to explain behaviors, and traits in personalities.

  • Evaluate health psychology, and approaches to health management.

  • Investigate the different mental disorders as related to psychology.

  • Analyze psychotherapy, the different methods and their effectiveness.

  • Investigate the importance thoughts, trends in social behavior, and impact of social influences.

  • Explain industrial and organizational psychology.

More details

Maximum Enrollment: 30 students

Required Materials (Course Pack)

The Required Materials cost (Course Pack)—including standard shipping within the United States—is $150. This includes:

  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR) – $115

The Required Publisher Textbook*:

  •  Access to Lumen Learning eText provided via the Canvas online classroom – $35

Total Course Price: $975 (3 credits x $325 per credit) + $150 Course Pack + $35 Textbook = $1125.00

Does not include Registration Fee, which is $200 per program or $30 per credit if enrolling in single courses.


Last updated 6/2/20

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