American College of Healthcare Sciences Announces Verified Credentials for Students Through Partnership with Credly

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RE: Press Release
FROM: Gillian Turner, Social Media & PR Specialist
DATE: October 5, 2021

Portland, Ore.—October 5, 2021—American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS), founded in 1978 as a distance learning college specializing in integrative health, herbal medicine, and aromatherapy, announces its new digital badging initiative that provides measurable, focused, and highly visible credentials for ACHS learners. Credly’s platform transforms knowledge, skills, and achievements into verifiable digital credentials that empower individuals to connect with learning and career opportunities.

Through this partnership, ACHS’s lifelong learners can learn, earn, and build their holistic skills portfolio focused on industry-centric skills. ACHS specialists develop micro-credentials and learning pathways with employment and career progression in mind. Using predictive research, ACHS has been delivering engaging, transformative learning in interactive online environments since 1999.

“We are thrilled to announce ACHS’s new partnership with our colleagues at Credly. We are committed to our students’ success and ensuring graduates have every opportunity to distinguish their skills and experience within the integrative health and wellness industry. Credly’s learner-centric digital badging platform supports our graduates by validating their hard work and learning achievements,” shares ACHS President Tracey Abell.  

Following completion of key learning activities, courses, or programs, earners are awarded badges they can embed into email signatures, promote through their LinkedIn and social media profiles, showcase on their Credly profile page, and share with their community. Earners also join a network of like-minded earners globally, tracking their achievements through a verifiable digital footprint. 

“Skill-based digital credentials have become the currency of the modern labor market,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly. “By recognizing learners with digital credentials, ACHS is empowering individuals with evidence of their achievements, helping them to better connect to opportunities that value the skills and knowledge that they bring to the table.”

ACHS currently offers micro-credentials for a wide range of learners, including the only comprehensive Certified Aromatherapy Safety Professional (CASP) credential available in the U.S. and micro-credentials that support professional pathways such as the ACHS Certified Dietary Supplement Professional (CDSP).  To learn more about our latest micro-credential offerings, visit

About ACHS

American College of Healthcare Sciences ( has been training, credentialing, advancing, and legitimizing the holistic health industry globally since 1978. ACHS specializes in accredited online integrative health and wellness education and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, diplomas, certificates, and professional continuing education courses in integrative health.  ACHS makes holistic health and wellness education accessible to a diverse community, including healthcare professionals, military students, stay-at-home parents, and lifelong learners. Specializations include aromatherapy, herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, health education, and wellness coaching. Our graduates have been leading the wellness revolution with our sustainable values combined with cutting-edge, science-based holistic health education that gives graduates a firm foundation to launch or enhance their wellness careers.

At ACHS we help corporations create specialized wellness strategies such as micro-credentialing packages. These initiatives help corporations support organizational wellness, leading to increased productivity, employee well-being, and a positive impact on the bottom line. ACHS is a Certified B Corp® and has been devoted to excellence in education, sustainability, and ethical business practices for over 40 years. ACHS was named #8 of 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon 2021 by Oregon Business magazine. Sustainability and wellness are in our DNA. Contact 503-244-0726 or visit for more information.