Safety and Dosage Guidelines in Herbal Medicine

ACHS faculty member Scott Stuart joins us to present a comprehensive overview of herbal safety.

Flower Essences: How Can They Help?

This Master Lecture--presented by ACHS faculty member, Catrina Mianecki--reviews the history of the Bach Flower essences and how Dr.

What's Hot in US Aromatherapy Trends

This Master Lecture Webinar with ACHS President Dorene Petersen provides a comprehensive overview of aromatherapy trends, sources, quality, ad

Cooking For Health With Dr. Mary Fry

In this webinar with naturopath Dr. Mary Fry, learn how to cook for optimal holistic health.

Better Breathing the Natural Way

Everyone wants to breathe better.

Webinar: All About Rose

This quintessential remedy for grief and sorrow, rose (Rosa gallica L. and other species) offers much in the way of clearing the physical and emotion blocks that stunt our health. 

In this free ACHS Master Lecture webinar with renowned aromatherapist Mindy Green, you'll learn about the rich history and amazing grace Rose offers and how she can help improve our overall wellbeing as we blossom into our better selves––body, mind, and spirit.

You'll learn: 

  • Uses of the whole plant along with fun recipes
  • All about the benefits of rose essential oil
  • All about rose as an herb and food
  • Materia medica and uses for the physical body
  • Blending and many more wonderful uses of this mystical healing plant

Please note that registration does not guarantee participation in the live event. Participation in the live event is limited to the first 500 attendees who log on to the webinar on March 23, 2016.