White Sage Essential Oil


White Sage Essential Oil: Explore this plant’s History, Sustainability, and Clinical Profile. In this micro-credential, you will learn about White Sage Essential Oil, including white sage essential oil benefits, white sage essential uses, and the plant’s cultural and historical significance.

White sage has a long history of use as a healing herb. That is why interest in this shrub’s healing properties, botanically known as Salvia apiana, has soared in recent years. There is even a historical reason for this trend.

This course covers important sustainability issues with white sage essential oil and why using only cultivated sources is essential to the future of this plant. With this knowledge, you will be to advance the sustainable use of white sage in the herbal medicine and aromatherapy industry.

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White sage essential oil is an emerging essential oil – learn to use it sustainably and be part of protecting this important botanical.

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Take a closer look at White Sage in this ACHS.edu blog article from Founding President Dorene Petersen.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the characteristics and active constituents of white sage Salvia apiana, including the plant’s Latin name, family, history, parts used, cultivation and sustainability, harvesting, and production techniques.

  • Recall the notable therapeutic actions and medicinal uses of white sage Salvia apiana.

  • Recall the notable therapeutic actions and medicinal uses of white sage Salvia apiana.

  • Recall the properties and characteristics of white sage essential oil, including its chemical components, aroma, and traditional uses.

  • Explain the appropriate recommended daily dosage, cautionary measures, contraindications, toxic rating, and regulatory status of white sage Salvia apiana.

  • Create effective formulas utilizing white sage Salvia apiana essential oil, including wellness blends and formulas for household and perfumery uses.

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