Alumni Highlight: Full Bloom Acres

Lindsay Little is an MS in Holistic Nutrition alumni who took the leap and opened her own wellness coaching business, Full Bloom Acres, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Discovering Holistic Health Lindsay first started thinking about holistic health after something that her painting professor said during her Bachelor of Fine Arts undergraduate degree. […]

Alumni Highlight: Body-Positive Yoga

Luvena Rangel graduated from ACHS with a diploma in Holistic Health Practice. At the time, the college was called the Australasian College of Health Sciences. “Australasian” was switched out for “American” in 2009 to celebrate the 20th anniversary based in the United States. From medical degree to holistic health “I found ACHS just when I […]

Alumni Highlight: Helping Moms Break Free From Overindulging

Alison, also known as The Healthy Mom Coach, earned master’s degrees in both Health and Wellness and Holistic Nutrition before opening her own online coaching business in 2020. Lifelong interest in holistic health As someone who has always been interested in natural ways to overcome health issues, Alison says that she’s learned firsthand how important […]

Alumni Highlight: Massage Therapist to Aromatherapist

Kathy graduated from ACHS with a Master of Science in Aromatherapy. After working as a massage therapist for 15 years, she is now expanding her horizons with a new job as a Senior Inside Sales Representative at Aromaland. Massage Therapist to Aromatherapist Having always felt a strong connection with nature and plants, Kathy became interested […]

Alumni Highlight: Happy Health Naturally

Michelle Kolcan graduated from ACHS in 2020 with an AAS in Complementary Alternative Medicine and a specialization in herbalism. She opened her business, Happy Health Naturally, right after graduating. Growing Up Holistic Michelle grew up in a family that used natural health and nutrition to stay healthy. “I think that that background gave me faith […]

Alumni Highlight: Chemistry Of Essential Oils

Geetanjali Ranade graduated from ACHS in 2000 with a Certificate in Aromatherapy. She holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and is a Registered Medical Practitioner. She also practices Reiki and completed her postdoctoral research in Japan on brain angiogenesis. She has had papers in many different publications and has […]

Alumni Highlight: Holistic Journeys Wellness

Kelli Kemp graduated from ACHS with a Masters of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine and is the owner of Holistic Journeys Wellness. Discovering natural remedies As a freshman in college, Kelli first started to consider natural remedies after ending up in the ER. She was sick with the flu and took NyQuil without realizing that […]