Alumni Highlight: Opening A Thriving Business During COVID

Opening A Thriving Business During COVID-19 Jennifer Archie is an alumni of the Graduate Certificate in Complementary Alternative Medicine program, and the proud owner of The Good Earth Holistic Health Center in Mt. Hope, West Virginia where she offers health consultations, custom mixed aromatherapies, cupping and candling, therapeutic piercings for migraines, and more. “It’s like […]

Alumni Highlight: CAM Grad Opens Holistic Wellness Business

Melissa Abbott recently completed her Master’s of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine and is well on her way to starting her own holistic health and wellness business. Switching gears in her career Melissa has been a personal trainer and nutritionist for over 20 years and was the senior coordinator for the over-55 program at a […]

Alumni Highlight: Aromatherapy Grad Opens New Business |

Melissa Holman graduated from ACHS in 2018 with a Certificate in Aromatherapy. After doing aromatherapy consultations for two years under the business name Aromatic Remedies, she is now expanding her repertoire with holistic health and life coaching! Melissa lives in Guam and is currently the only aromatherapist living on the island, to the best of […]

Alumni Highlight: Brenda Nielsen

Brenda has always had a good nose. As a kid, she was the first to smell if the stove was left on. Years later, she is a Master Aromatherapist who graduated from ACHS in 2015 with a Diploma in Aromatherapy.

Alumni Highlight: Shannon Mesneak

Shannon Mesneak is an ACHS AAS in CAM graduate who owns an herbal apothecary store in Longview, Washington. She graduated from ACHS in 2017, then went on to complete two internships: One in Hill, Texas with Dr. Lorie Rose, and one in Battleground, Washington with Dr. Jillian Stansbury. Let’s Be Holistic Shannon opened Let’s Be […]

Alumni Highlight: Shanna Bynes

Shanna Bynes is an Aromatherapist, Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Natural Nail Specialist, and Professional Makeup artist who completed a Diploma in Aromatherapy from ACHS in 2019. She is the CEO of Grow Out Oils and also provides custom formulations  for physicians and high end luxury spas. Discovering essential oils Shanna’s interest in essential oils began with […]

Alumni Highlight: Khetnu Nefer

Khetnu Nefer opened her own mobile women’s health practice after graduating from massage school and then from ACHS in 2009 with a Diploma in Holistic Health Practice. When her seemingly healthy father died of a heart attack during his lunch break in 2000, it made her question her family’s health. She looked deeper into it […]

Alumni Highlight: Amy Hardesty

Amy Hardesty graduated from ACHS with an AAS in CAM in 2017 and now owns her own wellness practice called Hustle and Chow. Amy came across ACHS when trying to research ways to help her son with his health issues. “We researched programs to learn more about health and nutrition and how to take care […]

Alumni Highlight: Vanessa Goldeen

Vanessa Goldeen graduated from ACHS in 2013 with a Certificate in Wellness Consulting. Now, she is the owner of her own wellness practice: Bridge to Health. Vanessa was an artist and designer until she got into a serious car accident in 2010. She was told that she would never be able to work as an […]

Alumni Highlight: Mikki Anderson

Mikki Anderson has a Certificate in Aromatherapy from ACHS and is currently working towards her Diploma in Aromatherapy. Mikki shares how she first became interested in holistic health: “When I look back, I see that I became interested when I saw my mom taking all these medications for everything. I felt in my gut that […]

Alumni Highlight: Jennifer Agger

Jennifer Agger completed her Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition from ACHS in 2019 and completed her Graduate Certificate in Complementary Alternative Medicine in 2020. Jennifer is a Reiki Master with a personal training certification, and she has a background in homeopathy. She’s also a disabled veteran and a gold-star wife.