Department of Aromatherapy

Department of Aromatherapy

The therapeutic properties of plant oils have long been used to heal and support optimal health and wellness, including to balance emotions, disinfect, and create pleasing environments. Today, the practice of aromatherapy is becoming more popular than ever—in the mainstream medical community and in holistic health community.

As an aromatherapy student at ACHS, you will learn to harness the therapeutic powers of essential oils through every aspect of aromatherapy. You’ll study topics ranging from the history of aromatherapy to chemistry and botany to proper usage and safety—everything you need to know to successfully practice aromatherapy on its own or alongside your other holistic health training.

ACHS's online aromatherapy programs boast a rigorous, Alliance of International Aromatherapists-recognized and National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy-approved, comprehensive curriculum at Certificate, Diploma, and undergraduate and graduate degree levels. Aromatherapy graduates of any 200-hour program (*see programs listed below) are eligible to apply for Aromatherapy Registration Council examination and achieve Registered AromatherapistTM (RA) status; ACHS graduates have a five-year (2011-2015) success rate of 100% on the exam.

Your ACHS Admissions Advisor will help you plan the best path for your aromatherapy education and opportunities to earn a wide range of accredited, nationally recognized credentials, including your:

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You'll receive a number of benefits as an aromatherapy student at ACHS:

  • 24/7 access to user-friendly, instructor-led online classrooms,
  • Interactive online lectures featuring cutting-edge research, video, audio, and custom ACHS eTextbooks to guide you step-by-step
  • Regular interaction with your instructor and collaboration with your classmates to facilitate learning and building life-long friendships
  • Access to our comprehensive Virtual Library, including the Natural Medicines Database and Alt HealthWatch Database.
  • Eligibility for student and graduate membership to ABMP at a discount, which covers business needs, wellness and insurance, travel and leisure, and online and wireless services.
  • Once-in-a-lifetime study travel opportunities to destinations including Greece and India where you will receive advanced aromatherapy education with a focus on topics including perfumery blending, wildcrafting botanicals, distillation, and sustainability (and experience an educational adventure of a lifetime!).

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using volatile plant oils for preventative care, healing, and relaxation.

It is becoming more acceptable today for the general populace to turn to aromatherapy for both healing and relaxation. We couldn't be more pleased. Additionally, current research continues to validate the efficacy of essential oils. While it is not required, we do encourage students to attend our Summer School in Syros, Greece for a truly unique and rewarding educational experience. Students are also encouraged to visit our Oregon campus for a more personal understanding of aromatherapy, our community wellness classes, and a tour of our botanical teaching garden.