ACHS Ambassadors

What is the ACHS Ambassador Program?

The ACHS Ambassador program is a way for ACHS students and graduates to share their insights and ACHS experiences with others. ACHS ambassadors are called upon to connect with new or prospective students that want to talk with someone that’s taken the step of going back to school and come out the other side as a successful graduate. Even if you’re still studying, new and prospective students often ask to speak with other students that are going through the same program or live nearby.

Being an ACHS ambassador gives you the opportunity to share your story, develop confident communication skills, strengthen your holistic health community and help others in their education and holistic health journey.

ACHS Ambassador Expectations

Like any member of the ACHS community, ambassadors are expected to be professional, respectful, and engaged. This is a unique opportunity to help others learn about the College.

ACHS Policies

It’s important that you understand the policies and procedures associated with the ambassador role. The policies and procedures outlined in the ACHS Program Catalog apply to all students and graduates of the College and can be reviewed in the ACHS FAQ Knowledgebase online here.

Current ACHS Ambassadors

As an ACHS student or graduate, you know first-hand the excitement and potential challenges of going back to school. You can help new and prospective ACHS students get started on the right foot by sharing your experiences. Become an ACHS Ambassador today and help others change their life the way you’ve made positive change in yours!

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?