Teresa Noel, Current HHP Student

Teresa Noel, Current HHP Student, ACHS Ambassador

Phone: 762-436-3082 Email: teddybeliving@att.net

I am enrolled in ACHS’s Diploma in Holistic Health Practice. I absolutely love my classes, and I find them to be very helpful on my personal journey to wellness. I am in my second semester of anatomy and nutrition, and I have to say I love the direction the instructors take the classes. You learn the science and course material, but you also learn how to implement protocols and alternative healing methods for everyday ailments and situations. I enjoy the real-world and hands-on approach. It makes for a successful online education.

What are three things you would tell prospective students?

You’re in for a great experience! Classes with ACHS are well-rounded and informative. You will gain a lot of knowledge, and you will learn things that shock you! Be prepared for a hands-on learning experience that you wouldn’t think possible with a 100% online education.

What are your three best tips for current ACHS students?

  1. Communicate with other students and your instructors. This is the key to success in online education.
  2. Set a schedule for your studies and stick to it. Try your hardest not to fall behind, but if you do be sure to reach out for help. The ACHS staff are amazing and very helpful.
  3. Have fun. Challenge yourself. Choose projects that challenge your skills and make you research outside of your current knowledge. This will keep things interesting!