Military Deferral Policy

About Military Deferral

ACHS understands that military students, veterans, or military spouses may face additional challenges in pursuing their education, and ACHS is committed to their success. If there is a change in a military student or spouse’s military status, such as being called to active duty, he or she should first contact their Academic Advisor to discuss their studies. Students can contact their advisor at 800.487.8839 or via email to

ACHS will seek to find the best solution to help students in these situations to successfully complete their program. Options include:

  • For students who will continue to have Internet access: Students may continue in their program as usual. If practical materials will not be available (i.e., herbs, essential oils, etc.) students may complete the projects or essays that do not require labs to receive full credit.
  • For students who will not continue to have Internet access: Students may request a deferral of their current course(s) until their return, or until such time as they have Internet access, at no charge. The remainder of their program may also be placed on hold for the length of their documented service or deployment.
  • For students who are required to withdraw from their program: Students shall receive non-punitive withdrawals in all courses.
  • Any student required to withdraw due to being called to active duty shall be given priority in enrollment in the program of his or her choice upon return to the institution for the two semesters immediately following his or her discharge from active duty.
  • The Academic Standards Committee has the discretion to waive or suspend any College policy or regulation that negatively impacts students in their withdrawal or subsequent readmission to the College due to a call to active duty service.

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