B-Corp Certification

ACHS is a Certified B Corporation and a registered benefit company in the State of Oregon.

Here are just a few highlights that set ACHS apart and demonstrate our commitment to serving our communities and the planet. At ACHS, we:

  • Have a Board of Directors and management staff committed to treating our social/environmental impact as a primary measure of success.
  • Provide employees with retirement planning options that include socially-responsible investing options.
  • Ensure fair wages are paid to suppliers in low-income, poor, or very poor markets.
  • Invest and source from small-scale suppliers with values that align with our quality promise for natural products.

We also engage in a wide range of sustainability initiatives. Learn more about our green campus online here.

ACHS Annual Impact Reports

ACHS publishes an annual impact report each year highlighting the institution’s public benefit initiatives including achievements in environmental and community impact.

Click here to view the 2020 ACHS Impact Report.

Click here to view the 2019 ACHS Impact Report.

Click here to download the 2018 ACHS Impact Report.

Why is ACHS Committed to Being a Certified B-Corp™?

Certified B Corporations like ACHS meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability and operate with a clear mission to benefit the communities they serve. Since 1978, ACHS has been committed to sustainable practices for the environment and in our business practices. ACHS Founding President Dorene Petersen started ACHS with a mission to make holistic health and wellness education accessible to our global community, giving everyone the opportunity to lead healthier and happier lives.

Our mission is to provide leadership in holistic health education through comprehensive professional online and on-campus education and high-quality, sustainably produced, natural products. Our dedicated staff and faculty and hardworking students and graduates bring this mission to life.

“At ACHS, we’re a community of holistic health learners. Our motto is: Learn well. Live well. Educate others. We operate with a focus on people and the planet, not just the bottom line, and we’re thrilled to join a like-minded community of corporations that are devoted to transparency, accountability, and bettering our world for others,” Petersen says.

Becoming a Certified B-Corp™

Completing the process of becoming a Certified B-Corp was an awesome experience. We had the opportunity to do a deep dive on all of our institutional policies and procedures to find new ways to integrate our mission and culture of sustainability, transparency, and accountability. We also found a lot of opportunities to celebrate the achievements of our team, students, and graduates!

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