ACHS Recertified as Certified B Corporation™, Reaffirming Commitment to Sustainability and Community Wellness

Portland, Oregon, March 7, 2024 – American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS), a leading institution specializing in online integrative health and wellness education, is proud to announce its successful recertification as a Certified B Corporation™. Certified B Corporations™ are assessed against rigorous performance, accountability, and transparency standards. The B Impact Assessment is a tool that measures institutions’ impact on the environment, communities, students and customers, and its workforce. As part of its recertification, ACHS achieved a final result of 100.2 on the B Impact Assessment, compared to a median result of 92.7 across other higher education Certified B Corporations™. ¹

ACHS’s vision is that integrative health and wellness education is accessible to global communities, promoting sustainable and healthy futures for all. ACHS achieved its first certification in 2016. This recertification reaffirms ACHS’s deep commitment to sustainable practices and to prioritizing the health and wellness of people and the planet over the bottom line through our educational programs and community initiatives. 

“At ACHS, sustainability and wellness are core to mission and vision and guide everything we do,” said Tracey Abell, President and CEO of ACHS. “Our recertification as a Certified B Corporation™ validates our commitment to fostering a healthier, more sustainable future for all. We believe in the power of education to drive positive change, and we are honored to be recognized for our efforts in promoting holistic wellbeing and environmental stewardship.”

The Certified B Corporation™ designation provides independent verification of ACHS’s commitment to meeting high standards for social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. As an educational institution, ACHS values the investment and trust students place in us to help them achieve their education goals and aims to be an example of what it means to put students at the center and cultivate a thriving learning community. Read about ACHS’s 2023 B Corp® Impact Report.

From sustainability and environmental stewardship that guides the selection of course materials for experiential learning and our curriculum development to wellness and community initiatives, ACHS continually seeks innovative ways to minimize its environmental footprint and expand its community impact. 

Aromatherapy Dean Amanda Lattin
ACHS Aromatherapy Dean Amanda Lattin shares some of the essentials of essential oils on KATU Channel 2 News in November 2023
ACHSs management team participates in an aromatherapy wellness activity during team meetings

“As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated students, graduates, faculty, staff, and trusted partners whose passion and commitment to sustainability drive our collective efforts forward,” added ACHS Founding President Dorene Petersen. “Together, we continue the ACHS mission that started over 45 years ago to advance the wellness of people and our planet.”

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¹ B Corp Certification requires a minimum score of 80 on the B Impact Assessment, with minimum scores required in the organization’s primary impact area.   


About ACHS:

The American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS), located in Portland, Oregon, is an accredited college specializing in online holistic health education. Founded in 1978, ACHS offers a range of certificate, diploma, and degree programs in complementary alternative medicine disciplines. ACHS is dedicated to providing exceptional online education based on evidence-based research, with an emphasis on sustainability and global stewardship.

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