Discovering Holistic Health with Jennifer Langsdale

Jennifer Langsdale has been a wellness advocate, practitioner, and yoga instructor for the past twenty years. She is a graduate of the Master of Science in Aromatherapy at ACHS and since the completion of her program, she has opened two yoga studios, Wild Nurturer, in her community and created her own yoga therapy – Inner Wisdom® which she teaches her clients.

The pandemic in 2021 closed her second studio but has since reopened which now includes the aromatherapy business she has also started Heaven and Earth Aromatherapy.

Choosing ACHS

Jennifer’s focus is working with women, mostly with the prenatal and postnatal communities, and she says that aromatherapy always came up in conversation. She reached out to a good friend of hers who graduated from the Master of Science in Herbal Medicine program through ACHS and after their discussion, she started her journey. She really enjoyed her aromatherapy classes and “since her instructors were such experts in their field along with the articles she read, it pushed her to research even more than was expected in class, diving deeper into her studies.” She truly enjoyed her studies and how her knowledge was growing.

Awaken Yoga and Wild Nurturer

Jennifer created Inner Wisdom® Wellness & Yoga Therapy at Awaken Yoga, of which she is the founder, owner, and director. Awaken Yoga studio, founded in 2009

, is located in Mentor, Ohio.

Jennifer explains what Inner Wisdom® is: “It’s a really beautiful psychological way of using yoga practices to allow people to have a dialogue with themselves. It’s really powerful for them to really think past traumas, fears, even physical pain in the body have all been resolved using that type of therapy.”

At her studio, Jennifer also offers training for others to become Inner Wisdom® practitioners. As a practitioner, “you will be able to help heal people who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, infertility, general disease and unease with oneself, depression, and much more through a releasing and accepting dialogue that helps empower the client to rid themselves of old cycles that do not honor them.”

Jennifer says that she already uses aromatherapy in her yoga classes. She has however most recently started her own aromatherapy business, Heaven and Earth Aromatherapy. She has developed a fully organic product line and also offers custom blends.

About American College of Healthcare Sciences

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