DEAC Awards 2022: Our Famous Alumni is Farante Ager!

Farante Ager is a graduate of our Graduate Certificate in Complementary Alternative Medicine, Graduate Certificate in Wellness Consulting, Graduate Certificate in Holistic Nutrition, and Master of Science in Health and Wellness. She initially became interested in integrative health when exploring organic and fresh foods. Where Farante lives, organic and fresh food options are limited, and she wanted to learn more to incorporate with her family and future career goals. 

Farante was recently nominated and selected to represent ACHS as the DEAC 2022 Famous Alumni. She has shown a solid dedication to the integrative health field and her community, given her opportunities and knowledge.

Choosing ACHS

Farante’s involvement in her community and personal experiences motivated her to advance her education in nutrition, holistic health, and maternal support. Due to her location, physically attending an institution that teaches holistic health was not possible. Attending an online institution allowed her to study many different holistic health concepts and obtain her degree while working and homeschooling her children. She “is proud to have a strong educational foundation through ACHS, and looks forward to building a career in health and wellness.”

Her Commitment to Holistic Health

Farante began her journey with ACHS because she wanted to learn more about organic foods. Her family also had underlying conditions that she wanted to explore with an integrative health approach. 

While attending ACHS, she volunteered with GirlTrek, an international nonprofit organization that focuses on self-care and preventive measures for obesity in black women. When she got started with GirlTrek, her initial goal was to sign up one million black women into the organization, and she surpassed that goal in Africa and across the world. 

Farate’s job within the organization is to provide women and their families opportunities by encouraging a walk for at least 30 minutes called Superhero Saturday. Annually after Thanksgiving, she helps Trekker families organize in their local areas a 5K walk which most often becomes an event with more than 50 people joining. She also provides fitness and nutrition specialist training with workshops and grocery store tours. Hosting and participating in these opportunities has become a part of her livelihood. As a Health and Wellness Practitioner, “she is inspired to support her community in demonstrating our connection to nature and holistic cultural practices.” Through volunteering with GirlTrek, Farante was motivated to move forward with the Graduate Certificate in Wellness Coaching and continue to the Master of Science in Health and Wellness.

 After having her third child, Farante has become more active in her birth community. She provides nutrition counseling, meal prep, and workshops for clients. Farante focuses on evaluating nutrition from the beginning and supporting mothers before and after their birth experience. She is also studying to become a lactation consultant and recently has become involved in Mom2Mom Global and Breast Feeding in Combat Boots lactation nonprofits. She runs her local chapter and offers her military community virtual consultation. She is also affiliated with Military Mommies to get breast pumps and maternity

 supplies through Tricare.

Her goal is to learn and be a facilitator for applying, preserving, and teaching traditional and holistic concepts to her community. Farante’s approach to care embodies the “it takes a village” concept, self-appreciation, eating nourishing foods, respecting nature, and many other wellness practices.

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