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Advanced Applied Holistic Nutrition Online
Integrative Health
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NUT 501

Nutrition, wellness and disease prevention are areas of great interest to the American public. Rapid advances in science have enabled a much more detailed understanding of nutrition in recent years and the Center for Disease Control has expressed concern at the increasing levels of deficiencies in the United States. This graduate survey course in advanced applied holistic nutrition focuses on macronutrients, micronutrients, factors that affect nutrition such as absorption and metabolism, nutrition for life stages and holistic nutrition therapy for clients of varying ages and with various illnesses.  Food/dietary supplement drug interactions are also studied. The overall focus is on holistic nutrition and wellness, and healthy lifestyle choices and prevention as the best “medicine” and how concepts of nutrition can be integrated into every wellness plan.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate a strong theoretical understanding of nutrition to include the role of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients in a holistic lifestyle.
Distinguish, compare, and contrast the nutrients studied in terms of their Dietary Reference Intake (DRI), deficiency signs, therapeutic pharmacological actions, applications, research based use, dosage, duration, safety issues, and other relevant concepts.
Evaluate indications, contraindications, precautions, potential adverse effects and toxicology.
Evaluate indications based on nutrients with specific emphasis on life cycles, such as pregnancy, children and elderly, and referral strategies as applied to case studies.
Critically evaluate and appraise various concepts, approaches, methods, and issues in the field of nutrition.
Collect, review, and critically assess basic and clinical scientific studies examining nutrition.
Formulate and propose a hypothesis, design a study, collect data using the scientific method, and compose the analysis in a format used by scientific research journals.
Explain the steps required to function as an unlicensed Complementary and Alternative Healthcare professional under the Health Freedom Acts of California or Minnesota, including credentialing, educational training requirements (hours/credits), for professional memberships such as the NANP.


Required Course Pack:

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