Libby Bennett, BS, MA

Elizabeth Bennett
Associate Professor

Undergraduate courses taught: ENG 101, ENG 201, PHL 201

Libby Bennett received her bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Professional Writing from the University of Houston—Downtown in 1999 and her master's degree in English from National University in 2013.

Bennett has taught developmental reading and writing courses and English Composition courses both online and face-to-face for the past five years. Prior to teaching, she worked as a freelance technical writer for several organizations in international adoption and finance. Bennett has a published poem and edited a novel that is currently available as a downloadable e-book. Writing has always played an important role in her career.

In her free time, Bennett enjoys spending time with her daughters, Sydney and Erica, and 110-lb lap dog, Heidi. She loves to read and has recently become an accomplished DIY-er.