Alumni in Action

Founder of Fitness Company Newman Coaching, LLC
Mollie tells us that along with fitness, she focuses on the importance of nutrition with her clients. "The MS in CAM program has broadened my knowledge base and client offerings. This degree has opened so many doors for my personal and business growth. I recently published my first book, It's A Lifestyle...The Link Between Tyramine & Migraine Headaches.”
Founder of Ry's N Shine Wellness Company
Jodie says she believes in holistic modalities because traditional medicine treats the symptom and not the root cause of an individual's health issues. "I have been in Anatomy and Physiology classes with nurses and students who are entering the 'Medical' field. I do not believe that the art of prescribing drugs is always helpful. There are many cases where a more natural approach would be more effective."
Certificate in Aromatherapy
"I have always enjoyed helping people, and I always took jobs that involved customer service. When my husband convinced me to try Massage Therapy, I had no idea I would find my life's passion. Now here I am doing the best job in the world and still helping people. Having my own practice does not feel like work to me. I look forward to every massage and every client that I meet."
2015 Graduate of the Certificate in Holistic Nutrition Consulting

Shelby graduated from the Certificate in Holistic Nutrition Consulting program (with honors) in September 2015. She originally became interested in holistic nutrition after using its principles to battle polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). After seeing the indisputable benefits of a holistic diet, her passion became unstoppable.

2013 Graduate of the Diploma in Herbal Studies
As a Master Herbalist, Sarah outlines the role of her education in her career. "Continuously studying and practicing herbalism since 2007,” Sarah says, “I combine my education and experience with herbs, tea, gardening, energetics, and nutrition to formulate high quality, artisan teas and herbal products."
Owner and Practitioner at Reindeer Bridge Holistic Health

"In my practice I work towards helping people pursue an understanding in natural medicine to regain and maintain wellness with holistic nutrition, herbs, aromatherapy, reflexology, Reiki, shamanic healing, and a lot of listening,” says Kristin.

Creator and Owner of L'Aura Botanicals
Laura Allan graduated from ACHS’s Certificate in Aromatherapy program in 2002. In 2013, she sat for the Aromatherapy Registration Council's (ARC) Exam to become a Registered Aromatherapist (RA). Having achieved her desired credential, she launched her business L'Aura Botanicals in April of 2015.
RN Educator and eLearning Specialist

Mills graduated from ACHS in 2011 with a Graduate Certificate in Nutrition. She uses her education in her position as an RN Educator and eLearning Specialist at a local hospital, women’s conferences, religious gatherings, high school allied health occupation classes, and cancer survivors/support group meetings.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Owner of MomPositive
On using her education to help others, Hoerner says, "I use my herbalist skills to help my clients choose plant foods and herbs that promote health & well-being according to their unique needs and challenges. I am currently publishing a workbook that supports busy women in their journey toward living well."