DEAC Awards 2022: Michael Ford is our Outstanding Graduate!

michael ford deac outstanding graduate

Michael Ford is a graduate of several certificate and diploma programs, as well as, our Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine, Master of Science in Herbal Medicine, Master of Science in Aromatherapy and Master of Science in Integrative Health Sciences. Herbal medicine was his first step into the world of holistic health in the mid-90s with an herbalism apprenticeship, so it’s something he always came back to. The idea of plants as medicine captivated him as a child. He always knew he would end up in the healthcare industry, but he also knew it would be nothing traditional.

Michael was recently nominated and selected to represent ACHS as the DEAC 2022 Outstanding Graduate. He stated, “the success I’ve enjoyed is certainly related to all of the programs I have completed through ACHS.”

Choosing ACHS

After a lot of self-teaching with herbal medicine and aromatherapy, Michael came across ACHS through the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. In 2005, he enrolled in the Diploma in Aromatherapy program. After moving twice, he attended school for skincare while also completing his initial program at ACHS. He was so eager to learn more and kept a watchful eye on ACHS hoping for degree programs so he returned in 2013 to complete the remainder of his degrees with ACHS, as mentioned above.

His Commitment to Holistic Health

Michael’s business is a sole proprietorship that has transitioned over the years from a massage therapy and skincare practices evolving into holistic wellness. Louisiana has Safe Harbor Practitioner Exemption laws which allow him to lawfully practice as an herbalist and aromatherapist. As he obtained his knowledge through his studies, his aromatherapy treatments began to replace massage therapy and herbal consultations became standard services instead of passive suggestions added to a massage service.

He likes to think that, “I have contributed to the field of herbal medicine by showing legitimacy and efficacy to my local allopathic medical community.” He partners with a local chiropractor who does not staff a massage therapist, allowing him to offer treatments for their patients while educating and empowering them on a range of topics from immune support, simple herbal home remedies, and the safe use of essential oils. Friends, family, and clients who work in traditional medical fields seem to appreciate the depth of study these degrees have, and he believes that having the ability to talk on their level creates an awareness that integrative health, whether it be aromatherapy, herbal medicine, or nutrition, has become an evidence-based industry and not a fad. 

Michael also enjoys taking herb walks with friends and identifying useful local plants. He has also been asked by a physician friend to participate in a health fair for their local renaissance festival performers. My thought is that, “ I can offer simple suggestions of staying well while on the go with nutrition, supplements, simple herbal preparations that could be obtained relatively inexpensively and have simple storage requirements, like herbal capsules and tinctures.” 

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