Stress Management and Emotional Health Online - HED 503

Stress Management and Emotional Health Online
Integrative Health
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HED 503


This course explores stress management and emotional health through the student’s personal journey. It leads students through an examination of those factors and influences that have an impact on health. It is also provides an opportunity to examine barriers and motivational factors that affect the degree of commitment individuals make to health practices. Your instructor’s role, and your future role, is to serve as an enabler coach during this process. A wellness coach recognizes that each person’s mental-emotional, physical, social, and spiritual status is unique. As a wellness coach, your instructor often will challenge you to consider the consequences of certain lifestyle choices and the “truth” of your knowledge. A wellness coach may not have all the answers regarding stress and emotional health for an individual, but will provide the framework within which the answers can be found


Learning Outcomes

Explore the factors associated with the development of emotional health and the management of stress as a basis for understanding the healthy personality.
Be able to teach stress management and emotional health within an educational setting.
Study and apply some very practical aspects of health education and program planning.
Deepen your commitment to effective teaching by applying the principles of self-esteem building, cognitive-behavioral self-management (violence prevention, communication, rational thinking), and accessing appropriate resources.


Required Course Pack:

  • Discover Wellness: Stress Support Kit
  • This kit contains (1) 5ml Soothing Forest blend, (1) 5 ml Lavender Serenity Blend, (1) Aroma Sphere Diffuser (color will vary), and (1) Stress Meter.
  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR)

Required Textbooks:

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