Department of Aromatherapy We offer a full range of Aromatherapy Certificates, diplomas, and Degree Plans! Apply Now Request Information Explore Your Passion For Wellness Aromatherapy About  When you break up the word “aromatherapy,” you get: aroma = a noticeable, oftentimes pleasant smell. therapy = from the Greek therapeia “healing;” to minister to. So, translated literally, “aromatherapy” is the use of […]

Aromatherapy for Golfers

Here’s something new for all you golfers looking to improve your game—Swing Trust Oil. According to developer Chad Van Den Top, this handy dandy aromatherapy blend of essential oils like bergamot, ylang ylang, and clary sage comes in a “easy-to-sniff flask that clips to your golf bag”[1]. So, “whenever golf gets you down, Van Den […]

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