ACHS Staff

Deryl Gulliford, BS, MS



Undergraduate courses taught: HLTH 101, HLTH 201, HLTH 410, HLTH 416, NAT 302, NAT 303, PHL 201, PHL 202, RES 301

Deryl was born and raised in northwest Ohio. Athletics were very important to him growing up, and he was fortunate enough to achieve all-state honors in football and baseball. Deryl continued his athletics at Ohio State University while studying health sciences, and upon graduation practiced respiratory therapy and cardiovascular technology for several years prior to training in community health administration. He received a Master’s in Health Administration/Health Planning from the University of Cincinnati in 1985.

Deryl also studied in the British National Health Service in 1990-91, completing a fellowship in the NHS, London. He is now a Fellow of the American Academy of Medical Administrators and is the 2005 William Newcomer Health care Executive of the Year for the United States.

Deryl’s mother Cora Jane Gulliford spent her entire career promoting natural health as manager and educator of a community nutrition center. Deryl feels he is a stronger and healthier person today because of her influence and her teachings. He grew up in a culture of natural health.

Throughout his career, community wellness and holistic medicine have been crucial to his personal mission and success. He has held CEO positions at three hospitals since 1991, including Community Memorial Hospital in Defiance County, Ohio, which made the “Top 100 Hospital” list of Modern Healthcare magazine. Deryl recently completed construction of a new community health care facility for Stevens County Hospital in southwest Kansas (Hugoton) and now serves as CEO of two community hospitals in Oklahoma. He is also Vice President of the Pioneer Health Network, a voluntary group of 18 community hospitals and clinics in Oklahoma and Kansas. In all of his hospitals, Deryl has insisted upon a prominent role for complementary and alternative medicine.

Recently, Deryl was selected National Chairman of the Small and Rural Health care Section of the American Academy of Medical Administrators (AAMA). He’s published six books and more than 20 professional journal articles in the healthcare field, presenting many of these at state and national health care conferences.