ACHS Staff

Kate Harmon

VP of Institutional Strategy & Global Impact

Kate Harmon is the ACHS VP of Institutional Strategy & Global Impact. Kate has been involved with ACHS since it was founded in New Zealand. She worked part-time for ACHS for many years and has been full-time with the College in the U.S. since 2002. Kate Immigrated to the United States in 1992 after graduating high school in NZ at age 15.  She entered an American High School to complete her required credits to enroll in an American College. Although coming from a family of highly educated people, Kate did not find the College environment an easy one and withdrew to make her way in the world.  That path has led Kate to incredible life successes in both her career and personal endeavors.

When asked about her success, she is not a person that will list degrees or accomplishments; she is a living example of a competency-based approach to successful learning and outcomes.  Kate has an undeniable skill for identifying opportunities; both nationally and globally, designing engaging, student-centric marketing strategies that maximize ACHS’s brand recognition at minimal costs to ensure tuition remains affordable.

Kate has studied and mastered multiple areas within business, management, marketing, development, branding, psychology, business strategy, and technology. Kate has developed mobile applications to help ACHS students access important student success information at their fingertips and has advanced skills in Adobe InDesign, Google AdWords.

Kate’s business acumen and negotiation expertise are demonstrated by her ability to secure ACHS a presence in global publications normally beyond the budget of an institution the size of ACHS to broaden ACHS’s reach and bring integrative health and wellness information to a wide audience.  Her strategy is not only one that assures a balanced, stable enrollment but also supports the development of the integrative health industry as a whole.

For example, Kate negotiated ACHS’s outreach into the U.S. Armed Forces and partnered with the U.S. Combat Readiness Centers in Virginia to expand their awareness of integrative health to support deploying and returning troops with PTSD and TBIs by introducing them to aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and yoga.

Kate’s personal life is as diverse as her professional one.  She is a successful home builder, designer, land developer, vintage trailer and classic car restorer.  She can re-plumb your house or build you an app.  Her joy for life is contagious and her passion for the creative is evident in her achievements.