ACHS Staff

Lupin Demuth, ND

Assistant Professor

Undergraduate courses taught: HERB 101, HERB 201, HERB 302, HERB 303, HERB 304, HERB 331

Graduate courses taught: CAP 501, HERB 502, HERB 503, HERB 504, HERB 521, HERB 531, HERB 541

Dr. Lupin DeMuth, ND, brings a lifetime of curiosity and exploration of the plant world to the classroom. She had the honor and privilege to study with some of the world’s most skilled herbal medicine practitioners for over a decade before heading to naturopathic medical school. Her passion is to educate and empower people to deepen their relationship with the plant world. She has seen firsthand the healing power of nature and continues to witness the transformational power of incorporating medicinal plants into daily wellness routines. 

When not working, she is an avid gardener, community organizer, hiker, and backpacker.