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Monica Jaramillo, DNP, MSN-Ed., RN/NLC, CNEn, Alumnus CCRN

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Assistant Professor

Professor Jaramillo is a recognized Doctorate-prepared nurse educator and independent author who strongly advocates diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) at the highest levels of healthcare professions who completed her Doctorate (Healthcare Systems Leadership) and master’s degree (Education) from Chamberlain University both with 4.0/4.0 cGPA while maintaining the highest honors and recognitions in her field.

Dr. Jaramillo is passionate about inspiring others of diverse backgrounds and multiple cultures, like her, to achieve their dreams and commit to life-long learning while advocating for improvements in global healthcare. She also strongly advocates for self-care, professionalism, scholarship, and holistic healthcare practices through her multiple professional roles and publications.

Dr. Jaramillo serves as a Visiting Professor and Adjunct Faculty of various Doctoral and Master-level programs at multiple institutions. She is also a Faculty Chair, Reviewer, and Mentor of doctoral projects and a subject-matter expert for health care. Her clinical background is in the multi-systems Intensive Care Unit. Her doctoral thesis consisted of an extensive literature review of research evidence regarding the impact of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) High Obesity Program (HOP) to mitigate adult obesity while offering empathetic community support. In her free time, Dr. Jaramillo enjoys spending time with her family, writing for publications, and volunteering for international open-access contributions.


Recent Awards/Recognitions

DAISY Award Honoree- Nursing Excellence (2023)

MARQUIS Who is Who in America- America’s Most Respected Education Professionals (2023)

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.