ACHS Staff

Svitlana Dzyubak, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor

Svitlana Dzyubak graduated from the National University of Pharmacy (Kharkov, Ukraine) with honors. Her first workplace was the Laboratory of Investigation of Phytopharmaceutical Products of the oldest Pharmaceutical Research Institution in the former Soviet Union, the National Scientific Center of Medicinal Substances (NSCMS, Kharkov, Ukraine). The mainstream of Center’s work was focused on drug discovery using natural products and protection of the environment. Based on her research, Svitlana defended her Ph.D. The title of the thesis was: “Biological active substances of several species of Goldenrod genus (Solidago L.)”. While working in the Center dr. Dzyubak obtained 4 patents, participated in 21 Scientific conferences, published 1 book chapter and 28 articles.
In the US, dr. Dzyubak was moving with her family and teaching in several colleges and universities in Minnesota, New York, and Wisconsin. She likes to say that her favorite subjects of teaching are Pharmacognosy & Toxicology of herbs, Western Herbs, and Aromatherapy. She also was teaching Anatomy & Physiology, General, Organic and Biological Chemistry, and other subjects.
Dr. Dzyubak likes to teach subjects related to health care and, particularly, sharing health and wellness tips that help people make informed healthcare decisions.