ACHS at Home

  • Dorene Petersen—ACHS President Dorene Petersen maintains a large compost pile at the Summer School in Greece and has taught a number of people on Syros, Greece, about composting, which is not common in the area. Dorene also composts in Portland, Oregon as well and is an avid recycler.
  • Erika Yigzaw—CIO Erika Yigzaw and her husband have an organic lavender farm on their acreage that follows sustainable and organic principles. She recycles avidly, composts everything she can get her hands on, feeds the soil food web with her collection of animals, and refuses to spray. When faced with 15-foot-high blackberry bushes, what did she do? Make jam! Erika is also an Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener and volunteers throughout the Portland area performing educational outreach.
  • Dorene and Erika participated in several beach clean ups while in Greece teaching Summer School classes. One clean up resulted in more than 20 bags of trash being collected from just one beach.
  • ACHS staff collects the plastic recycling at the office resulting from take-out and yogurt containers and take these to the local recycling center each week.
  • Many staff participate in community events that raise awareness for our environmental community including bike events, river clean ups on the Willamette River near the College campus, and other activities.