Access Policy

ACHS is committed to providing accessible programs to all students and makes reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities based on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. ACHS’s Center for Excellence in Teaching, Technology, and Assessment (CETTA), advisors, faculty, and Program Advisory Councils collaborate to accommodate students who may need additional assistance under the provisions of Section 508 and ADA regulations. Applicants are asked to notify their admissions advisor of any disability that may affect their studies at ACHS so that appropriate accommodations can be made.

The ACHS online platform exceeds the defined student requirements of Section 508, the U.S. Federal Accessibility Standard for electronic and information technology. Through its state-of-the-art courseware and support services, the ACHS platform, Canvas, has broken new ground in addressing the needs of blind, deaf and mobility-impaired students learning online, as well as disabled faculty authoring and teaching online courses. 

For complete details on accessibility via the Canvas platform, please visit:

ACHS also provides the following technology resources for students using screen readers and other accessibility tools within the ACHS Student Center, including:

  • Screen readers: These convert the text on the screen to voice
  • On-screen keyboards: For those who may have difficulty using a physical keyboard
  • Magnifiers: Enlarge certain areas of the screen
  • High visibility settings: Modify default font size or color schemes for improved visibility
  • Speech recognition: Use your voice as an input

Please contact ACHS Student Services at for more information regarding accessibility and accommodation programs for students.