Carole Berg, CNPM (Honors), CHRM, Cert.Aroma., RA

Carole Berg, CNPM (Honors), CHRM, Cert.Aroma., RA, ACHS Ambassador

Phone: 541-821-8477


When I decided to study herbalism, both my husband and I checked many online sites for the best opportunities in online herbal education. Having received my BS degree in 1976, I wanted the institution I chose to be accredited within the Department of Education system so that I could be sure that the education I was receiving was sanctioned and credible. ACHS kept coming to the top of the list, and I was delighted since it was located in my home state of Oregon. Soon after, I applied for the Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine and was accepted.

I learned to be healthy, how to eat, why, and how to take care of myself. It was a life changer for me.

While I love herbs, Aromatherapy has caught my attention and heart. I received the ACHS Certificate in Aromatherapy in February 2015 and went on to pass the esteemed Registered Aromatherapist test through the Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC) in May.

What are three things you would tell prospective students?

One of the first things I would tell prospective students is that if you are pursuing this amazing field of holistic wellness, you need a solid educational background because this is a very knowledge-based field. And to get that background, you need to choose a nationally accredited school that will back up your credentials in the field. ACHS is not only an accredited school but is the top of its field in its product offerings and educational services. Secondly, I want prospective students to know that they can depend on and rely on the information they receive in every class at ACHS. The instructors are first rate, and will help you through the class in any way they can. If further help is needed, they will help you find the appropriate assistance until you are satisfied. Finally, get ready to study! No slacking here just because it is online! There is a multitude of expectations that are clearly spelled out in every class and weekly assignments and tests along the way. You need to keep up with the workload regularly, or you might easily fall behind. And, if extenuating circumstances do occur, there are ways to work with the expectations when you communicate with your instructor.

What are your three best tips for current ACHS students?

Always keep ahead of your studies if possible. Don’t wait until the last minute because there is always more that can be done to learn the materials presented. Keep in touch with other students in the class, as they will help to guide you through your studies. And, be joyous every day that you have the opportunity to experience the classes you have chosen at ACHS!

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